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This switch can be set in OntoConfig.prp via:

AttributeNamesGround = <on|off>

This switch works exactly in the same way as "ConceptNamesGround", but now attribute names are ground and not concept names. The attributes are stored in the table <$att_>. If you have statements like



then we have the table "$att_" for AttributeNamesGround=off and "$att_likes" and "$att_isAfraidOf" for AttributeNamesGround=on.

The performance characteristics regarding queries with restrictions on attribute names and regarding queries without restrictions on attribute names are basically the same as with "ConceptNamesGround". If <AttributeNamesGround> is used there may not be a rule with a head containing a variable for the relation name as these cannot be reinterpreted during compile time.  Note that this option is not supported for OntoStudio.