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If OntoBroker is configured for access control, a user has to login. The given username and password is then used by the security backend to verify the identity. When successfully authenticated, the user receives a ticket which allows him to execute any OntoBroker command (depending on his rights)

Authentication via webconsole

When authentication is switched on, then the webconsole shows you a dialog which allows you to specify your username and password. After the login the webconsole automatically handles the handling with tickets.

Authentication from commandline

If you work from the commandline then you have to specify the user name and the password for each command. The following examples assume that the user name is 'root' and the password 'open4me'. Execute the "isalive" command:

c:\test>command.cmd -l root:open4me isalive

[INFO]: Inference Server on port 2267 is up and running ...

Execute a query:

c:\test>query.cmd -l root:open4me "?-?X::Y@M."