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Backward Incompatibility for Old RIF-OBLD Documents Due to Changed Meta Data Representation


aPerson[_representation("en")->"Thomas"]. aPerson[_documentation("en")->"ontoprise employee"]. aPerson[_synonym("en")->"Thomas Peter"].

has changed to

aPerson[_label->"Thomas"{en}]. aPerson[_comment->"ontoprise employee"{en}]. aPerson[_synonym->"Thomas Peter"{en}].

for ObjectLogic.

The RIF im- and export uses this new style, i.e. RDF PlainLiteral constants instead of functional terms. However, there is no legacy code in the RIF parser to preserve backward compatibility, i.e. meta data in old RIF-OBLD documents in the form of functional terms will be parsed just as functional terms without any special meaning and are *not* mapped to the new representation style.