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BottomUp Evaluators


Some of the evaluation methods described above can be evaluated with an (additional) bottom-up evaluator only:


It's pretty clear that the "BottomUp" evaluation method can be evaluated using a bottom-up evaluator. But why can the magic set methods be evaluated with a bottom-up evaluator? The reason is that the magic set methods just rewrite the original program to another program which can be evaluated faster using a bottom-up evaluator. So "MagicSet" and "DisjunctiveMagicSet" are just optimizers for the bottom-up evaluation of rules.

OntoBroker 6 ships with the new BottomUp3 evaluator. It only works for

Storage = RAM.TS

If RAM.TS is used, the default bottomup evaluator will be BU3 (BU3 only works with RAM.TS). RAM.TS is more memory efficient than RAM.AVL.Packed. In this case BottomUp3 might be the best choice for you.