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Changes in Meta Data Attribute Representation


Previous attributes like documentation or representation changed their name and structure.

Changes in name:

_documentation -> _comment (RDFS namespace)
_representation -> _label (RDFS namespace)
_synonym -> (no changes)

Changes in structure: If an language argument is given, now the datatype PlainLiteral is used instead of parametrized attributes.


The previous statement


is now represented as


The new style is automatically used by all ontologies created with OntoStudio 3.1. If old (v.2.0) ObjectLogic documents are loaded all related ground facts are converted on-the-fly and a warning is shown via logging. The same holds for rule, queries, and constraints, with one exception: Using the _synonym attribute without parameter inside those axioms a on-the-fly conversion cannot be done. The user has to rewrite the axiom manually. This will also be the case for axioms using the meta data attributes mentioned above in a non-standard way. A suitable warning for these axioms is logged.