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Configuration GUI


OntoBroker offers you an easy to use configuration interface. Start OntoBroker and click on "Configure". The configuration GUI appears. Every new configuration can be saved. Simple choose Save and your custom configuration will be saved to the configuration file.


Basic Settings

The basic settings configuration allows you to change various preferences to suit your needs. For most users, the default settings are adequate. For more information, see:

Ontology Language
Storage-related Options
Evaluation-related Options


Optimization Settings

OntoBroker supports multiple optimizers (most of them just rewrite a set of rules to an optimized set of rules). However, in some cases optimizers just waste time and space. For example, if you are not accessing a database then you do not need to use the database optimizers. You can find all information on optimizers here.


Other Settings

Within the 'Other settings'-tab further OntoBroker settings can be configured. Furthermore the OntoBroker Socket Communication and the Administration Console HTTP port OntoBroker should use on start-up, can be set. For more information see

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