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Configuration Switches for the Server


OntoBroker runs as a server and hence has to listen to a given port for queries and commands to execute. The standard port for OntoBroker is port <2267> which is registered at the IANA organization. Nevertheless the user is able to change the port in order to run the server on a different port anyway. This might become necessary if several instances of the server have to run on the same host.

CommandPort = 2267

Setting Socket Timeout

This is an advanced property which should not be changed without good reasons. The default socket timeout for the command port is set to 0, meaning "no timeout". If there are problems with unusual client behaviour, e.g. connecting OntoBroker without sending a command, a solution can be to set the timeout to an appropriate value (which depends on the number of clients and the network latency).


Switch for the Configuration of the Ports

If OntoBroker is started with one of the commandline options "-webservice", "-collabserver", or "-webconsole", OntoBroker listens to an additional port for providing the web service API. This port is 8267 by default and can be changed using the switch WsHttpPort = <port>.

WsHttpPort= 8267

This switch can be overruled by the commandline option "-wsport <port>".