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Connector Tuple Cache Changes


Connector Cache Options for OntoConfig

Connector.Database.Cache.Lifetime = query | unlimited
Connector.SPARQL.Cache.Lifetime = query | unlimited
Connector.OntoBroker.Cache.Lifetime = query | unlimited
Connector.Excel.Cache.Lifetime = query | unlimited
Connector.WebService.Cache.Lifetime = query | unlimited


The tuple cache is removed after the query execution. This is the default value for this option for all connectors in OntoStudio and for the WebService connector in OntoBroker.


The tuple cache is not removed after query execution and can be used for the next query. This option is better for performance and should always be used if a database won't be updated frequently. The cache update should only be done manually (see "Clear connector cache command"). This is the default value for this option in OntoBroker for all connectors except for the WebService connector.


Connector cache clear command
clear_connector_cache all | cache key

The command cleans a connector cache. This command can be executed only if OntoBroker is started with the option Connector.*.Cache.Lifetime = unlimited.

All tuples will be deleted from the cache.

cache key
Only tuples for the cache key will be deleted. Cache key is a map term and can contain different values for different connectors.


Database connector:

clear_connector_cache [_host->"data",_port->1521,_database->"orcl11",_user->"testuser",_table->"tblname"]

The table is optional; if no host is defined, the localhost will be used.

Web service connector:

clear_connector_cache [_wsdl->"wsdl",_service->"service name",_method->"method name",_port->8080]