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Database File Layout


This is an excerpt of the H2 website describing the database file layout. The following files can be created by the database:

File Name


Number of Files

Data file contains the data for all tables Format: <database>.data.db

1 per database


Index file contains the data for all (btree) indexes Format: <database>.index.db

1 per database


Log file The log file is used for recovery Format: <database>.<id>.log.db

0 or more per database


Database lock file Exists only if the database is open Format: <database>.lock.db

1 per database


Trace file Contains trace information Format: <database>.trace.db If the file is too big, it is renamed to <database>.trace.db.old

1 per database


Large object Contains the data for BLOB or CLOB Format: <database>.<tableid>.<id>.lob.db

1 per object


Temporary file Contains a temporary blob or a large result set Format: <database>.<session id>.<object id>.temp.db

1 per object


Hash index file Contains the data for a linear hash index Format: <database>.>object id>.hash.db

1 per linear hash index