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Integrating an Excel Data Sheet


The Excel Import does not rely on an import wizard like other import functions, but is rather realized by a stand-alone application, the so-called "excel view".

1.From the top level menu select : Window -> Show View -> Other....

The following dialog box appears:

2.Select Integration -> Excel Annotation and click on OK.

The Excel Annotation perspective appears:

3.Click on the Open Spreadsheet icon, which is in the right hand corner of the view:


A File Chooser dialog appears:


4.Select the Excel file to be imported and click on Open.

The chosen file is imported.

5.Select the concept with which you want to annotate:


6.Select a section (SHIFT + mouse click) of the Excel data and click on Annotate selection.


The chosen section is selected and the following form appears:


7.Flag the Selection includes column-headers and the Annotate all available rows checkboxes.

Selection includes column-headers prevents the headers being displayed in your result.

Annotate all available rows is useful for including all of the rows in your result instead of just the selected ones.

9.Select the properties for each column and then click on Finish.

The annotated instances are marked.

10.Create a query on the corresponding class with the annotated properties selected and then click on Run Query....


The result of the query is displayed in the Results view: