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Explaning Rules


You can use the Explanation Editor to create and edit explanations for rules. As ObjectLogic Rules can get very complex, you can explain your results using natural language. The explanation text is stored and can be displayed if you ask OntoStudio to show the explanation for an evaluated query.

1.Make a right mouse click on a rule and choose Edit Explanation.


The tab Explanation Editor appears:


2.If you want to display all of the variables and instances used in the rule, click on the icon template.

Variables in the explanation that do not occur in the rule are highlighted in the text:


2.In the Explanation Editor write an explanation (natural language text) for the rule.

The text is stored when this editor loses the focus (i.e. when another component is activated).

On the right there is a list of all of the (Unused) Body Variables and Instances used in the rule. These are the same variables used in the Graphical Rule Editor.

3.If you want to add a variable or an instance of the list to your explanation, double click on an entry. Make sure you add a blank before and after every occurrence of a variable, otherwise they will not be recognized as such.

The variable/instance is added at the the current cursor position in the text and disappears from the list.

The created explanation is used within the query evaluation in explanation mode.