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With the org.neontoolkit.gui.extandableTreeProviderextandableDropHandler extension-point you can define additional drag&drop operations on the OntologyNavigator using the org.neontoolkit.gui.extendableDropHandler extension-point. Two kinds of drag&drop operations are possible:

object-type-specific drag&drop
transfer-type-specific drag&drop

In the case of the object-type-specific drag&drop, you can define which class will handle drops from objects of a specific type A on objects on a second specified type B. These object-type-specific drag&drop operations only work within the application with components using the com.ontoprise.ontostudio.gui.navigator.SelectionTransfer transfer type.

The transfer-type-specific drag&drop also works between different applications as well as between plugins within the application. For this kind of drag&drop the class used for the transfer operation is used to determine the class handling the drag&drop operation. Therefore, the developer can, for example, define a new transfer class and then register his own handler for this type of transfer on the OntologyNavigator.