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File Encodings and Unicode


OntoBroker supports the loading of files of different encodings, e.g. UTF-8 or language (and platform) specific encodings like <CP1251> for Cyrillic Windows systems. The following rules apply:

OntoBroker interprets all ObjectLogic files using the system standard encoding. XML-based formats (RDF(S), OWL) are interpreted according to the file-encoding specified in the XML file itself.
Upon loading, OntoBroker can be forced to use a special encoding for a file by using the -fenc parameter, e.g.

start-ontobroker -fenc cp1251 russianCars.obl

When serializing F-logic files, the standard system encoding or (when specified) the selected encoding is chosen. XML-based formats will always be serialized in UTF-8.

The OntoBroker Java API provides several save/export methods for storing ontologies. These methods have parameters which allow the output encoding to be specified.