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Entity Properties View Overview


On the Entity Properties tab you can edit all of the properties for an element selected from the navigation tree. Selecting a rule in the navigator will open a property page as shown below. This chapter describes the tabs of the Entity Properties View.

Rule Diagram

Rule Diagram (Graphical Rule Editor)

Here you can formulate rules in a graphical way. The chosen rule will be displayed together with a name, a namespace and a rule diagram. If the rule contains language constructs that are not supported by the Graphical Rule Editor, the diagram will be empty and disabled.


Make a right mouse click to display the following context menu:


There are four possible ways of creating a class in the Graphical Rule Editor:

Using drag and drop. Use drag and drop to drag classes into the Rule Diagram. The class will appear in the Entity Property window.
Using the Context menu. Make a right mouse click anywhere in the Rule Diagram to display a context menu. Then select Add Class (see above).
Using the Tooltip menu. Move the cursor across the Rule diagram to activate the tooltip menu, then click on the Class icon (Add Class).
Using the Palette menu. Click on Class in the Palette menu, then make a left click on the Rule Diagram.

Rule Diagram Status

If a rule diagram contains errors, they will be shown in the status line, but warnings will be shown within the diagram, marked with a warning symbol.

Possible common errors:        

Aggregation cycle
Aggregation value or result parameters are not connected
Compile errors (example in the first screenshot)

Possible common warnings:

New rule (not shown in the diagram)
An element (class, instance, attribute) does not exist
A connection of two possibly incompatible types (example in the second screenshot)

ObjectLogic Source

In this tab you can see the textual ObjectLogic representation of your rule:


You can edit your rule in a textual editor. To open this editor, click on Textual Edit..., which is in the bottom right hand corner of the ObjectLogic Source tab.


Comments & Labels

See chapter Adding Comments and Labels.