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Importing a Database Schema

1.From the top level menu select: File -> Import....
2.Select Ontology (Other Sources) -> Ontology from Database Schema... and then click on Next.

The following form appears:


3.Fill out the fields and click on Next.

You have to provide the connection data and the type of the database.

NOTE: It is possible to select a TimesTen database based on Oracle. This works in the following way:

a.Host and port remain empty
b.User and password must be filled

Otherwise the procedure is the same as described below.

4.Select the table owners to be imported and click on Next.

Only the selected owners are imported.

NOTE: The Refresh button allows the import of a changed schema by refreshing the database cache, where all the database schema information (table, column, primary keys, and so on) are cached.


The connection with the database is being established.

6.Select the tables and the table columns to be imported and click on Next.


Only the selected tables and columns are imported.

7.Select the ID for the instances and click on Finish.

The selected column(s) are imported as ID(s) for the instances.

The new ontology is added to the Ontology Navigator:


NOTE: You can choose which column will be taken as ID for the instances. If the table already has a Primary Key, the column will be automatically preselected. In this case you do not have to change it. But if no column is preselected and you do not select at least one, then all of them will be taken as IDs which may lead to performance problems (see the warning below). If you click on No, all of the columns will be taken as IDs. If you click on Yes, you will be able to select one or several IDs for your instances.