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Installing a JDBC-Driver


For database schema imports, an appropriate JDBC Driver for the database may be required. While OntoStudio supports Oracle, MS SQL Server and DB2 out of the box, you may not redistribute other drivers, such as MySQL.

If you have purchased a valid license for the driver, you can configure OntoStudio in the following way:

1.Copy the database driver to [OntoStudio]/extensions (e.g. mysql-connector-java-5.1.5-bin.jar).
2.Add the following lines to the OntoConfig.prp (located in the installation directory):

ExternalDB.OtherDatabase.Driver = com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
ExternalDB.OtherDatabase.ConnectionURL = jdbc:mysql://$host$/$name$

NOTE: Installing the MySql Driver for OntoStudio (to use the MySql DB Schema Import) as described above, will not work until OntoStudio has been restarted with the -clean argument. This can be done by creating and executing an OntoStudio.bat file within the OS directory containing the command OntoStudio.exe -clean.