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Launching OntoBroker


OntoBroker32.exe and OntoBroker64.exe start with a 32bit and 64 bit Java VM respectively. In contrast to OntoBroker 5.3, these launchers do not launch a separate Java process and can therefore be used for launching OntoBroker as a service (this requires third party tools).

Description of Launch Process

Starting with OntoBroker 6.0, OntoBroker is embedded in Equinox, an OSGi framework. To keep the configuration of OntoBroker simple, the launching involves multiple steps. Before the Equinox framework itself is started and the OSGi bundles are activated, several system properties are set either from parameters of the OntoConfig.prp, or they are calculated. In detail the following takes place at this stage:

Parameters from OntoConfig.prp are translated to System properties for the Equinox framework

HttpPort => org.eclipse.equinox.http.jetty.http.port
Extensions.Directory => felix.fileinstall.dir
log4j.configuration => log4j.configuration
WorkerName => com.ontoprise.ontobroker.jetty.customizer.workername
AJP => com.ontoprise.ontobroker.jetty.customizer.ajp
AJP.Port => com.ontoprise.ontobroker.jetty.customizer.ajp.port
launcher.* => *
(this means all config parameters in OntoConfig starting with the prefix "launcher." are copied to the system properties after removing the prefix)

Determining  the OntoBroker home directory

1.If the environment variable ONTOBROKER_HOME is set, it is used.
2.If the System property ontobroker.home is set, it is used.
3.If the System property java.class.path contains the com.ontoprise.ontobroker.launcher jar file, OntoBroker home is reconstructed from its path.
4.As a last fall-back the current directory is tried.

The Ontobroker home directory is also added as "ontobroker.home" to the system properties.

Determining the log4j configuration

1.If the OntoConfig.prp contains the parameter "log4j.configuration", its value is used.
2.If there is a "" in the working directory, it is used.
3.If there is a "" in the ONTOBROKER_HOME directory, it is used.

Determining the extensions directory

1.If the OntoConfig.prp contains the parameter "Extensions.Directory", its value is used.
2.If there is a "extensions" subdirectory in the working directory, it is used.
3.If there is a "extensions" subdirectory in the ONTOBROKER_HOME directory, it is used.

Additionally, the following default system properties are added if they are not defined as "launcher.*" parameter in the OntoConfig.prp:


Hint for OSGi-related problems

If the collaboration server could not be started (the message INFO [COLLAB_SRV] Collaboration Server initialized is not displayed) it often helps to delete the conf/org.eclipse.osgi folder of your OntoBroker installation. This folder contains cached configuration data.