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Online Backup


An online backup can be triggered using the command "h2backup".

NOTE: The command "h2backup" is only available if OntoBroker is running with H2 as storage.


h2backup <output-name>

The single argument specifies the target filename of the database copy.


h2backup d:\\backup\\

This backups the database file to "d:\\backup\\"

Caution – All files like "d:\\backup\\mybackup.*" are deleted during the copy action to prevent the possible mixing of old and new temporary database files.

Restoring a backup requires following steps:

1.Shutdown OntoBroker.
2.Delete all H2 database files, e.g. if the database is named "edb", you have to delete "edb.*".
3.Copy the backup file to the old location and rename it to the original name. E.g if the database is named "edb", then the database file must be named "".
4.Start OntoBroker. On opening the database file, the indices will reconstructed. This procedure may take some time (typically a few minutes/ GB).