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OntoBroker Performance Tuning


The performance of OntoBroker can be tuned by trying out different configuration switches (see the chapter "Configuring OntoBroker"). It is often useful to check where the bottleneck of a specific query really is. You can use the tracing features to, for example, find out if a specific built-in is the cause of the performance problem (see "Tracing the evaluation process"). Besides this basically you have the following options:

Using tools to optimize the sequence of body literals in rules
Materializing the rules on startup in order to reduce the query execution times during runtime


If you execute a query and you want to know where OntoBroker spends most of the query time then use the query option "profile". The chapter "Query Option profile" gives detailed information about the profiling feature. This is usually the best starting point for understanding the performance characteristics of queries.