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Extending Functions by Extension Points


This chapter describes the additional extension-points provided by OntoStudio which enable you to extend the existing functions of the application. The large set of extension points provided by the eclipse framework itself is not be described in this document. Their documentation can be found on the eclipse homepage (

Some of the additional extension-points are provided to modify the main component in OntoStudio, the Ontology Navigator. The OntologyNavigtor is a completely modifiable and extensible view on (not necessarily) ontology elements. The developer can:

Show additional elements (almost everywhere) in the tree
Define specific drag and drop operations and
Get support for the definition of additional context menu entries.

There are two extension points for extending the OntologyNavigator. These are:


Another main component in OntoStudio is the Entity Properties View which shows property pages for the elements of the user interface. Additional property pages can be integrated in this view using the corresponding extension point. To contribute a new property page to the Entity Properties View, the org.neontoolkit.gui.entityProperties extension point has to be extended.

New context menu entries can be defined using the org.eclipse.ui.popupMenus extension-point.