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Mapping Extension Points


Within OntoStudio, the mapping tool plug-in offers extension-points to plug in special transformation editors and provide the creation and processing of special mapping patterns. This document describes the Extension-points, their underlying schemata and the interfaces to be implemented.

OntoStudio provides the following extension-points for extending the functionality of the mapping plug-in:


To provide special GUI-editors for certain mapping transformations an extension of the com.ontoprise.ontostudio.ontomap.ontomapMappingTransformationEditor extension-point can be used implementing the com.ontoprise.ontostudio.ontomap.views.IMappingTransformationEditor interface. By implementing this interface the extension specifies a category for specific transformations for which it provides a GUI component that can be used to specify the transformation.


To plug-in special implementations for certain mapping-patterns an extension of the com.ontoprise.ontostudio.ontomap.ontomapComplexMappingExtension extension-point can be used for implementing the com.ontoprise.ontostudio.ontomap.mapping.provider.IMappingProvider interface. The implementation of the IMappingProvider is responsible for collecting all of the information needed for the mapping and the rule creation. It has to provide the gui for the initial creation and the editing of mappings for this pattern type as well as storing the mapping meta-data. An implementation of com.ontoprise.ontostudio.ontomap.control.mapping.IMappingInstance or alternatively com.ontoprise.ontostudio.ontomap.control.mapping.AbstractMappingInstance is responsible for the mapping rule generation.