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Importing from Outlook


You can import personal user data (e-mails, contacts, tasks calendar) from Microsoft Outlook into OntoStudio.

1.From the top level menu select : File -> Import....
2.From Ontology (Other Sources) select -> Ontology from Outlook and then click on Next.

This creates an ontology containing the imported Outlook data.

The following form appears:


3.Select the data you want to import, open MS Outlook and then click on Next.

Only the selected data are imported.

The following form appears:


4.Select the folder you want to import and click on Finish.

Only the selected folder is imported.

The import is in progress:

The following popup window appears:


5. Click on Yes to make sure that the import wizard can access your Outlook data sets.

The imported ontology is visible in the Ontology Navigator:

NOTE: Unlike the other import functions, the Outlook Import does not establish a connection to its source data during runtime but imports all of the data from Outlook during the import process.