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Paging Support for Web Service


The OntoBroker Web service now has support for paging through the results of a query. This is useful if you want to process large result sets in smaller pieces.


There are three operations in the OntoBroker Web service.




Starts evaluation of the query and returns the query key.

long queryKey = _client.openQuery(query, fullXml)


Retrieves the next results.

PagedQueryResults results = _client.getNextQueryResults(queryKey, maxResults, maxWaitTimeInMs)

The number of the results returned is restricted by two parameters: No more than maxResults are returned. If the call waits longer than maxWaitTimeIsMs milliseconds, the call returns the results it has collected during this time span. If the PagedQueryResults.isFinished() method returns true, the query is finished and there are no more results. The query is automatically closed on the server side.


Call this operation to cancel an open query. If you do not retrieve all of the query results, it is important to call this method as the query is still open on the server side and will block resources.