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Partially Supported RIF Features


Some features are supported only partially.

Groups are mapped to conjunctions.
Constants of datatype rif:local which are used as predicate symbols are mapped to names including the document ID information, i.e. "lexicalValue"@<documentId>, where lexicalValue is the lexical value of the rif:local constant and documentId is the lexical value of the document id. rif:local Constants used in (non formula) term positions are mapped to ObjectLogic blank nodes, note that the lexicalValue is not preserved.
Frames with more than one property/value pair are split into a conjunction of frames containing only one property/value pair each.
The datatypes xsd:dayTimeDuration and xsd:yearMonthDuration are mapped to datatype xsd:duration.
Positional terms used as functional terms with arity zero are mapped to the constant used as the leading symbol. E.g. "f"^^xsd:string() is mapped to "f"^^xsd:string.
The leading term of an atomic positional term must be a constant. The import maps atomic positional terms to literals. Since the OntoBroker API only allows strings for the predicate symbol in literals, some special encodings of the leading constant are used to map them to strings.