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Project Files


OntoBroker supports project files for easier handling of multiple ontologies. A project file specifies:

What ontology files are loaded
In which module ontology files are loaded

The project files have a very simple syntax with the two tasks "load" and "resolve" (for more information see "Load Save") which we explain below using some examples. If you want to use project files, start OntoBroker with -project <projectfile>.


Additional Information on the "resolve" Task:

When using the resolve task for a data path you should use a slash (/) and not a backslash (\).


resolve <> = "myproject/testontology.obl"

instead of

resolve <> = "myproject\\testontology.obl"

This has the advantage that you can use project files on every operating system (Linux, Windows).

If you use literal backslashes they have to be escaped.

For example, you can write:

resolve <> = "project\\vector_bus_system.obl"

or (better as the project files are then also usable under Linux)

resolve <> = "project/vector_bus_system.obl"

Note that the escaping also allows to specify file names such as

resolve <> = "project/vector\"_bus_system.obl"