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„The RIF Framework for Logic Dialects (RIF-FLD) is a formalism for specifying all logic dialects of RIF, including the RIF Basic Logic Dialect [RIF-BLD] and [RIF-Core] (albeit not [RIF-PRD], as the latter is not a logic-based RIF dialect). RIF-FLD is a formalism in which both syntax and semantics are described through a number of mechanisms that are commonly used for various logic languages, but are rarely brought all together. The amalgamation of several different mechanisms is required because the framework must be broad enough to accommodate several different types of logic languages and because various advanced mechanisms are needed to facilitate translation into a common framework. RIF-FLD gives precise definitions to these mechanisms, but allows well-defined aspects to vary. The design of RIF envisions that future standard logic dialects will be based on RIF-FLD. Therefore, for any RIF dialect to become a standard, its development should start as a specialization of FLD and extensions to (or, deviations from) FLD should be justified."