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Signature Statements on Instance Level


In ObjectLogic, the application of a method on an object is expressed by data-F-atoms which consist of a host object, a method and a result object, denoted by id-terms.

peter[friend -> mary].

If more values are given for attributes, the values must be enclosed in curly brackets:

peter[friend->{paul, mary}].

Sometimes the result of the invocation of a method on a host object depends on other objects, too, i.e. methods can also have parameters. For example, Paul might sell the car74 to Peter, which means that for different dates the car has different owners.

car74[owner(2007)-> paul].

car74[owner(2008)-> peter].

The syntax extends straightforwardly to methods with more than one parameter by separating the single values with a comma.

Variables may also be used at all positions of a data-F-atom, which allows queries on method names such as

?- paul[?X->?Y].