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Snapshot Commands


With the snapshots commands the current state of an Ontobroker (i.e. all ontologies) can be stored and reloaded very quickly.

saveSnapshot stores all ontologies in a single binary file

saveSnapshot <filename> [encrypt]

loadSnapshot loads ontologies from a stored snapshot. As no parsing of files and various checks and transformations are not needed, this is typically much faster than loading single textual ontology files.

loadSnapshot <filename>



saveSnapshot "d:\\data\\o1.snap"

saves a snapshot to the file d:\data\o1.snap


saveSnapshot "d:\\data\\o2.snap" encrypt

saves an encrypted snapshot to the file d:\data\o2.snap. Encrypted snapshots can only be read by OntoBrokers with the same license file (more concretely: with the same customer name in the license file)

loadSnapshot "d:\\data\\o1.snap"