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Supported Import Formats



This is the native knowledge representation language of OntoBroker. ObjectLogic is the successor to F-logic in OntoBroker and inherits many of its features. But the syntax has been reworked to resolve many of the F-logic usability issues. It has an extended data type system, a more natural support for aggregations and many more improvements on F-logic. In the same way as F-logic, it is an object-oriented and rule-based language and has the same well-defined semantics. We describe the syntax for this language in the ObjectLogic reference guide in the OntoBroker installation directory. Ontobroker provides an easy to use F-logic to ObjectLogic converter. For more information click here.


RDF (Resource Description Framework) is a framework for representing metadata. It is a W3C recommendation and provides many representations (see below). RDFS (RDF schema) build upon RDF to provide a simple ontology-like vocabulary for denoting classes, properties, instances and the relations that hold between them. As we use the Sesame RDF parsers ( we support different RDF serializations:

N3 (Notation 3)
NT (N-Triples)

We support all of these formats for the import and export of ontologies. For further details, see the OntoBroker RDF manual.


The Web Ontology Language (OWL) is also recommended by the W3C and is a full fledged ontology language derived from ontology languages from the field of Description Logics. For further details, see the OntoBroker Professional manual.