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Writing ObjectLogic Queries against modelled Ontologies

1.From the top level menu click on Window -> Show View -> Other....


The following dialog box appears:


2.Select OntoStudio Basic -> Textual Queries and click on OK.

The following perspective appears:


3.Choose a project and a module.

By default the namespaces of the selected ontology are used, but you can user a different default namespace for your query.

4.Select the tab with your desired language (ObjectLogic oder SPARQL).

The Textual Queries component can be used to run ObjectLogic as well as SPARQL queries.

5.Type a query into the text field.
6.Click on Execute.

The result is displayed on the Results tab at the bottom of the window.

The Textual Queries component contains a history of the last 10 executed queries.

7.To show the last queries, click on the arrow at the top of the results tab.

If a query is selected from the list, the project name, the module id, the default namespace and the query text will be filled in the fields.