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Throughput Benchmark


The Throughput Benchmark is parameterized by a benchmark configuration file. An example is located in the OntoBroker installation directory:


Each suite has 2 throughput properties for configuring the benchmark:

<suite name="Threads-10" threads="10" rounds="50">

The file benchmark.dtd helps to create valid benchmark.xml files, if your xml editor supports dtd validation.

threads: Number of threads to execute queries. This is the number of clients which execute parallel queries.
rounds: Number of queries executed by each thread.

In the example above, each of the 10 threads execute 50 queries, which means that 500 queries are executed. The benchmark diagrams show the throughput, which means how many queries are executed per second.

Throughput is the number of queries executed each time. Latency is the time a query needs to run.

Run example

To start the example delivered by the OntoBroker installation, run:

OntoBrokerHome> tools\benchmark.cmd benchmark\benchmark-throughput.xml

It takes some minutes for the benchmark to finish. To see the report, open: